Thursday, May 16, 2013

Inspiration Thursday: Make Your Time Count

The greatest gift you can give is your time. It is also the greatest asset you can lose.

Your time is your most valuable resource. It is the currency of your life. Your life itself is a function of time - lifetime.Think about it. The moment you stop having time in the real sense of the word, is the moment you stop living. Therefore, when you commit your time to something, be it learning, teaching or anything at all, you have inadvertently committed a piece of your life to it. The best thing to do then, is to make your time count. How?

Be In The Present State Of Mind

Let your mind focus on the now, this moment, this present moment. When you are doing something, no matter what it is, focus your mind on it, really enjoy it. When you do this, you find out many things:
1. You will have less worry
2. You will gain a deeper understanding of your circumstances and you will be better able to use your abilities and energies to improve yourself.

Do Not Procrastinate

When you have to do something, do it. Do not wait until your circumstances are perfect. Take time to prepare yourself, but be sure to start. Start your journey to being what you want to be, doing what you want to do and making your dreams come true. Remember to be your own primary motivation.

Keep Good Company

Your company are the relationships you keep and the network you make. Your network is indeed, your net worth.

The Bible says ''bad association spoils useful habits''. In the words of my darling husband Fela-Durotoye, friends can be categorized into 4 groups:
There are the Dividers, the Subtracters, the Multipliers, and the '' Add-ers''. How true this is!
It is imperative for you to choose your associations wisely. Choose to associate with people who will add to you and people who will multiply you. As for the others, you have no business being in their company.

till next week

Pray and always remember

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