Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Token: Enjoy Your Journey

Hello All,

It's amazing to me how long it's been since I wrote on here but a lot has happened in the time in  I've been gone.

A staff of mine that I've come to see as a mentee dropped her resignation. I was shocked to say the least. How does one leave the very area of her calling? I decided to call her and see what made her take such a drastic decision. Some of the things I shared with her are so profound, I decided to share with you all.
Many times, we become too fixated with our destination, and we forget to enjoy our journey. When things are not happening as fast as we want them to, we tend to think nothing is happening at all and want to throw in the trowel.

Life you will see, is made up of  months that mean nothing, and moments that mean everything, and  make it all make sense.

When it seems like nothing is happening, that the Grand Author has somehow forgotten your script, you will need to remember (let me quote my husband here) that  "one doesn't always need to grow in height, one will also have to grow in depth".

There is always a waiting period during which your growth may not be visible, but I can assure you, it'd be significant.

So don't allow yourself to become so fixated on your destiny that you miss out on the joy and the knowledge you discover from the journey itself. Let the script of your life play out and you will see how every thing works together to create the joy you will find.

Hey, but this is not supposed to be a Monday post. I hope I'll find time to write soon.

Till then

Remember to pray, and pray to remember