Thursday, May 23, 2013

Inspiration Thursday: Failing Forward

One of the realities of life that we all have to contend with is Failure.
In my opinion though, being unsuccessful at a venture does not mean you are a failure at it.
Failure in itself is a function of one's perception. For instance, if you gained valuable experience from an encounter, business or relationship, how can you really say that you failed at it?

Here are three tips to help you cope when you feel you have failed at what you do, whatever that may be.

1. Remember the experience gained is worth the while

You can choose to sit back and beat yourself up or you can decide to be bigger and stronger and better. Don't feel too bad when something you worked on didn't turn out exactly the way you wanted.
Focus on what can be learned. Take that knowledge and do something great with it.

2. Be Tenacious

Do not let life beat you down. Keep coming back, keep on keeping on. Cultivate persistence. Remember, success happens as a reward for hard work, determination and persistence.

3. Have The Success Attitude.

A lot of failures are caused by our own fear, attitude and disposition at the beginning. Step out in faith not in fear. Faith is what connects to the higher source that can help you make your dreams come true.When you do fail at something, use the failure as a motivation to do better. The difference between a winner and a quitter is in their attitude.

Failure could really be your springboard. Choose to work your way out of the mental attitude that keeps  you from achieving greater success because you failed earlier.

Remember to pray, and pray to remember.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Women In Business: How to Grow Your Business God's Way

Women are indeed making a difference in today's world. However, the question that arises in the minds of most young women hoping to enter into business is how to build their businesses in God's way. Such that they can create a balance. This is among the questions I answered over at House On The Rock Abeokuta yesterday.

The following are snippets from the speech.

Create Value When You Are Young And Energetic

Use your youthfulness wisely. The time you are young is the time you have the most strength to pursue your dreams. 
If you do not know what to do or how you can create value, pray to God to open your eyes to opportunities around you. When he does, follow through with it.

Create A Vision For Your Value

A vision is an expression of faith. It is 'the big picture' that you create in your mind. There are two important reasons why you must have a vision: Inspiration and Prediction. A vision might be the most powerful way to keep you focused on what you want, while keeping you motivated towards achieving it. It helps you predict in that you will be able to see the future while still focusing on the present. 

Practice Your Story

Reinforce your belief in your abilities to achieve your dreams by practicing your story. 
Visualize the future, but actually see yourself in it. Practice your story in such a way that you can tell it to others and in such a way that they can buy into it.

Do Not Abort

Starting a business is like getting pregnant. There is a gestation period. The first trimester you may not see any outward signs of pregnancy, that does not mean the baby is not there or that it is not growing.  
In like manner, the fact that your business seem not to be growing does not mean it is not. Stay with your dream. Do not be quick to remove your hands from the plough because as the bible says, ''in due season, you will reap if you do not tire out''. 

Expect Challenges and Embrace Them

It is okay to encounter challenges, they are God's way of making you humble. Without challenges, you may start to think that it is all by your making that you succeed. However, when problems arise and life's challenges shake you up, then you can run back to the Lord, get down on your knees and pray. Then God can now shine through and manifest himself in your case in order that you may say: ''but if not for the Lord''.
Challenges also translate to growth processes.

Expect Competition

It is only when you are not doing anything worthwhile that you will not have competition eventually.
Create your vision. Focus on your vision that you have created. When you focus on your own vision, you are less distracted by what your competition is doing. 
Remember, your calling is different from theirs. If you are really destined to do something and you stick with doing it, you will succeed at it.

Remember to pray and pray to remember.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Inspiration Thursday: Make Your Time Count

The greatest gift you can give is your time. It is also the greatest asset you can lose.

Your time is your most valuable resource. It is the currency of your life. Your life itself is a function of time - lifetime.Think about it. The moment you stop having time in the real sense of the word, is the moment you stop living. Therefore, when you commit your time to something, be it learning, teaching or anything at all, you have inadvertently committed a piece of your life to it. The best thing to do then, is to make your time count. How?

Be In The Present State Of Mind

Let your mind focus on the now, this moment, this present moment. When you are doing something, no matter what it is, focus your mind on it, really enjoy it. When you do this, you find out many things:
1. You will have less worry
2. You will gain a deeper understanding of your circumstances and you will be better able to use your abilities and energies to improve yourself.

Do Not Procrastinate

When you have to do something, do it. Do not wait until your circumstances are perfect. Take time to prepare yourself, but be sure to start. Start your journey to being what you want to be, doing what you want to do and making your dreams come true. Remember to be your own primary motivation.

Keep Good Company

Your company are the relationships you keep and the network you make. Your network is indeed, your net worth.

The Bible says ''bad association spoils useful habits''. In the words of my darling husband Fela-Durotoye, friends can be categorized into 4 groups:
There are the Dividers, the Subtracters, the Multipliers, and the '' Add-ers''. How true this is!
It is imperative for you to choose your associations wisely. Choose to associate with people who will add to you and people who will multiply you. As for the others, you have no business being in their company.

till next week

Pray and always remember

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

100Voices: 100 Inspirational Stories Of Courage And Enterprise

So, this morning I woke up with an urge to ''speak'' with you all and then I thought, What about? Then, I remembered that I'm yet to bring you the scoop on 100Voices.

As it is, some of you have already heard something about the project. Yet, I feel it's important that I make it the topic of today's post.

The 100Voices project was embarked upon in order to celebrate the inspiring stories of House of Tara Beauty Reps who have had to take on monumental challenges and overcome it because they made the decision to become House of Tara beauty reps.

Several of our beauty reps sent in their stories, these stories were read and evaluated by 10 inspiring women and 100 of them were chosen. Of these 100, 25 people whose stories were found to be exceptionally inspiring were invited over for a weekend in Lagos. You can read more here

The whole idea about 100Voices however, is not only to celebrate the enterprising stories of House of Tara beauty reps, but also to encourage others out there to start something for themselves. Young ladies in our country today do not have to look to a man to give them money for their upkeep nor do they have to compromise themselves in anyway in order to have their financial needs met.

That is why House of Tara embarked on the movement to empower young people in our society. If you've made a decision to empower yourself financially, do not hesitate to. You may sign up to become a House of Tara beauty rep or not but you must decide to do something today.