Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bunkunola Akinbinu...

Dear people,

Hope you had a nice weekend with all the holidays; children’s day
democracy day…hope it was fun.

I will continue with my diary in subsequent post. However it is pertinent
that I take time out and do this now. It is right to give kudos to
deserving people.

Years ago, House of Tara set up a business initiative to empower young
individuals to become financially independent. The business has been good
for the reps.

But this is not about House of Tara. It is for the reps that have stayed
with us over the years; One in particular.

This is for one of our reps whom we hold in esteem. She came on board in
2006, when we launched this financial empowerment program. And she has
always been constant.
She understood the principles of seed and bread.

Today, we are proud to present to you, Bunkunola Akinbinu.
We refer to her as a millionaire in the making,, however she chooses to
refer to herself  as a tool. ‘It’s just God’ she always says.

Thanks Bukky for being part of this vision. We love you.