Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taming Your Eyebrows

If you are having trouble taming your brows, here is a little trick: Take a toothbrush and spray with a little hair spray and then brush on brows. The stickiness of the hair spray will help keep them in place. Snipping instead of tweezing the brows might be all that is needed to control your brows. Here is how it is done. Brush brows straight up and then check for hairs that are too long. Snip any offending hair one at a time with a small pair of scissors. Brush brows downward and check again. Repeat the previous step, snipping any hair that seems to be too long. Brush brows into place and check for any hairs that still might need attention. Continue brushing and snipping until your brows can be brushed into place naturally.

NOTE: Maintaining your brows is something that should be done on a weekly basis instead of all in one day. Mistakes can be made that sometimes cannot be fixed.

Also, instead of pencil, use eye shadow to color your brows for a more natural look.