Thursday, August 15, 2013


Hello Tara Rangers. It's another Inspiration Thursday!

Today, I reminisce on what have been the driving factors of House Of Tara's success story; Hardwork?  yes, Determination? Yes, Drive? Yes, Persistence? YES. However, a big part of the success is our ability to tell our story.

Starting out in 1998, I composed a story for myself, which was basically, my vision for my business and my dream for my self as an individual. I told myself my story over and over again, made myself believe it, when I set out to employ someone, I tell my story to him or her, I sold my story to every one around me, got them to believe in it and today I'm living it.

As an individual willing to succeed in life, you also will need to tell your story.

Your story is the "WHY" of your existence, your purpose. And in Business, it is the why of your organization.

As a leader, you must have for your self a compelling story, one that includes elements of your identity, vision, motivation and strategy, and has the ability to inspire others to action.
Use your head as a seat of strategy and your heart as a seat of motivation. Critically deliberate on how you wish to go about achieving your goal. Make your heart believe that it is possible to achieve your goal, tell your story to the people you want to bring along on your journey, be they employees or life partners. Create an emotional buy so that your people believe they can be a part of your journey and actually want to. 

You may have to practice your story in front of the mirror. Lift yourself above of all the circumstances holding you down. Two things happen when you do this: You activate your belief system and you engage the universe to respond and bring in contact with the people and opportunities that will bring your goals to fruition.

Till next thursday Rangers

Remember to pray and pray to remember.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Inspiration Thursday: Your Spouse, Your Number One Business

Sunday 7th of July, I was at the Awesome Treasures Foundation July Summit held at the Muson Centre here Lagos. The event was for singles, engaged and newly married couples; and was titled "Marriage: Where are the Real Men". To me the theme of the event could not be more imperative.

I'm very driven for women empowerment however the challenge in our time is that many women and men are not driven to achieve their full potentials because they are married to people who don't encourage them to, or may not even see it in them.

The summit was a call to singles to chose their spouses wisely. Here are some take home from the insight of the panelists.


One of the panelists had said that a woman must look to marry a God Man. This means a man who is fully aware of his roles as given him by God. A who has a good relationship with God.
This advice goes for the man too. A man must look beyond what appears to his eyes to see who a woman he hopes to have a concrete relationship with, really is.

2. Choose a Spouse who Knows Sees Your Vision And Knows Your Passion:

A spouse who is in tune with your calling will faster help you to achieve it than one who doesn't.  He/ She should be able to engage you and challenge you to be a better version yourself, and that challenge is of itself an inspiration.

3. Choose Responsibility, Virtue, Integrity and Intelligence over Looks and Wit.

In such a frivolous world as we live, we find that priorities have shifted. The focus of many young people is not on things that are truly important.
As a person hoping to achieve great things in life, you must choose a man/woman who is virtuous, intelligent and responsible.

If you are married and reading this, why not also improve in necessary areas. For example, you may decide to really try and understand your spouse's passion and see his/her vision so as to be able to help him achieve it.
Like wise, a good woman will help by creating the right home environment of peace that will help to foster prosperity.

Till next Inspiration Thursday

Remember to pray and pray to remember.