Wednesday, May 15, 2013

100Voices: 100 Inspirational Stories Of Courage And Enterprise

So, this morning I woke up with an urge to ''speak'' with you all and then I thought, What about? Then, I remembered that I'm yet to bring you the scoop on 100Voices.

As it is, some of you have already heard something about the project. Yet, I feel it's important that I make it the topic of today's post.

The 100Voices project was embarked upon in order to celebrate the inspiring stories of House of Tara Beauty Reps who have had to take on monumental challenges and overcome it because they made the decision to become House of Tara beauty reps.

Several of our beauty reps sent in their stories, these stories were read and evaluated by 10 inspiring women and 100 of them were chosen. Of these 100, 25 people whose stories were found to be exceptionally inspiring were invited over for a weekend in Lagos. You can read more here

The whole idea about 100Voices however, is not only to celebrate the enterprising stories of House of Tara beauty reps, but also to encourage others out there to start something for themselves. Young ladies in our country today do not have to look to a man to give them money for their upkeep nor do they have to compromise themselves in anyway in order to have their financial needs met.

That is why House of Tara embarked on the movement to empower young people in our society. If you've made a decision to empower yourself financially, do not hesitate to. You may sign up to become a House of Tara beauty rep or not but you must decide to do something today.


  1. Truly inspiring, touching and moving true stories. Every human being is a bunch of different life stories. Let us keep knowing and learning.

    Mark Duin

    Inspirational Speaker

  2. The 100 voices concept is a really beautiful thing. That you not only bother about the business aspect of Tara but bother about the end result of the ladies you tutored. You're a blessing to Nigerian women.


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