Monday, July 27, 2009

Beauty Clinic with TFD- Ibadan

It was an honour last Saturday to be in the company of beautiful women in the ancient city of Ibadan. The beauty clinic, which had the objective of enhancing the beauty of women, is what I would call a success.

The event brought together, people from all works of life with different but interesting opinions on the ‘ideal’ makeup look.

One topic that really got us talking is the use of blushers by women of colour. So many women at the event were of the opinion that blushes are only to be used by the whites who need to add colour to their skin to make them beautiful. Truly, blushes could be used by anyone and everyone. Here’s the trick … the darker the skin colour, the darker the blush shade! So blush all you ladies.

I said it before and I’m gonna say it again: NEVER use a black pencil on your eye brow … except of course you are as dark as Alek Wek or our very own Baba Suwe and maybe a fashion show. The whole red… purple looking eyebrows are… abi?

I really had a nice time in Ibadan. Thank you peeps for making it happen. I have to run now but I promise to discuss skin type and their features in the next posting.