Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I promised you we would show you more on our 2009 most valuable beauty Representative. Here it is!
We spent the day with a wonderful and filling breakfast at Robert’s CafĂ©,
Spent a fantastic time in the Cinemas…
And Relaxing time in the Spa: Monae

 You’d be wondering,’ how can I be a part of this life- transforming and financially empowering venture.

Well, here is your answer:
We currently have 4 packages from which you can choose from:

Premium N15, 000

Classic N25, 000

Platinum N35, 000

Diamond N50, 000

These amounts will entitle you to receive some quantities of our products which you can resell and make profit margins of 65% and above.
Please log onto our website and avail yourself of the opportunity to have a look at some of the products in our range. Once you sign up you will be given a range of our products to market, but for subsequent orders you are allowed to choose what specific products to buy.
You can make payment at any GTBank branch in Nigeria into our Orekelewa Account. Please note that you will also need to add pay an additional amount for your order to be sent by courier if you are outside Lagos. Alternatively if you are based in Lagos you can visit our outlets at 9A Oko- Awo Close, Opposite Eko Hotel, Victoria Island or22A Omotayo Ojo Street, Off Allen Avenue By Oshopey Bus Stop, Ikeja to make payment and pick up your products.
Please call Muyiwa on 080 2292 2921 if there are any issues that require further clarification.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


It was a fantastic day last week Wednesday, when I was privileged to be on one of Nigeria's hihgly acclaimed inspiring TV program. It is a talk show with a difference that is positively driven to show the world that Nigeria (and Africa) is not a dark continent but one that is vast and rich with diverse but unique cultures and talent.

I was a guest on the MADE IN AFRICA segment.

It  showcases the unique minds of the African continent who have against the odds, established businesses in Africa, for the World.
The spotlight was on our fruity fragrance: BE INSPIRED

Catch the next episode of Moments with Mo on Sunday on  African  Magic by 7pm and other local stations.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Did you know that for your Mascara to last longer, it begins with you?

People keep saying that their Mascaras have dried up long before they have had time to enjoy it. Well, here is a way that work:

Avoid pumping air into the Mascara tube. Every time we try taking more Mascara on the applicator, we forcefully push in the applicator (or wand) back in the tube and this sends in air that gets trapped in the tube and this trapped air dries up our mascaras faster.

The ideal way to get ore Mascara on the wand is to twist the wand into the tube. this way, less air is trapped in.

Voila! Now you know.

Enjoy your Mascaras a little longer.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I started the day with a visit to the Paley Media centre where, we met the founder, Michelle Paley. She was for many years, an anchor woman for PBS. She introduced herself and gave a few of the women the opportunity to ask questions about the relevance of the media as emerging business leaders and how we can or have used this tool to promote our interest. Some of the ladies in the group had experience as either TV show hosts like Irene from Tanzania or Dudu from South Africa who is a regular columnist in the several leading magazines in her country. They were a few of us whose backgrounds did not permit them to speak to the press, the Lawyer from Ubizstan. There was an interesting question from Nana of Ghana on how to use the media other than through paid adverts.

A few things learnt, apart from taking great pictures and being inspired yet again by a powerful woman,

Explaining why the media is so expensive;she explained it’s a case of supply and demand.The number of media houses are limited as compared to the people who will like to be featured either on tv,radio or print. Everyone would like to be on TV and in the print media, but it’s not sufficient to meet everyone.As long as its not sufficient as we all know,a premium will always be asked for.

The much awaited visit to Google.
It started with a presentation on the best way to answer questions when you are being interviewed on television, what color and patterns would be suitable and the effect, the best way to respond to questions that tilt towards being controversial, the art of bridging and flagging and most of all, prepare what your message should be and how to ensure the message is re-enforced through out the interview, how to re-enforce and remember it’s your interview; you have the power to determine the turn out.

I see why its the best place to work.

OMG! The ambiance of the cafe has been famous for being colorful and friendly to enhance creativity with scooters,members bringing in their dogs to work. We were received by the Head of Media for Google and YouTube who had working a experience with a background in traditional media with Time Inc. ahead of joining Google. She was tall, good-looking, and stylish in her black attire and fit the profile of a Google employee I had imagined.

Prem, a program Director gave live tutorials on maximizing Google tools to make working easier. I learnt that you can generate survey reports and graphs using Google(hey i learnt something, document was done,edited and shared on goggle document), you type in English and it can be translated to all of the world’s most spoken languages with even a voice over(isn't that so cool!). The search engine and data sorting was one of the most amazing things I learnt. Google is truly making the world an easier place to live in with all the numerous solutions they proffer.

An interesting question was asked: why do we have access to these solutions for free? how does Google make money?-it is solely a platform for adverts,which is one of the ways revenue is generated some of these solutions are marketed at a larger scale to corporate organizations who use these solutions and have the capacity to pay more.

The day slowly came to an end with a photo-shoot with renowned photographer, Asa, who did portraits for all 32 mentees from 22countries.

The highlight of the day was the FORTUNE’S dinner in honor of the mentors and the mentees sponsored by KPMG, GAP INTERNATIONAL, and FORTUNE most powerful women summit. The Guest of honor was the governor and first lady of the state of New-York, Governor Patterson. Christiane Amanpour stole the show with the bee-hive of her international constituents taking pictures away with her, amongst other powerful women. The president of Hearst magazine the lovely,Cathie Black. The Hearst magazine owns the Cosmopolitan magazine,Harpers bazaar,Esquire and the O magazine. I got invited to see the O magazine office, I seized the moment by introducing myself what I do in the Nigeria as a business and also got invited to Essence Magazine.
...with Goveror David Alexander Paterson, the  current Governor of New York; also the first governor of New York of African American heritage

...with Christiane Amanpour, CNN's chief international correspondent from 1992–2010

...with Cathie Black, Chairman Hearst Magazines

The day drew to a halt with sad goodbyes from all our new global friends. We have committed to ‘Pay It Forward’ in our respective home countries but also to maintain this new relationships.
My last days in new york included a meeting with the publisher of the O magazine and a tour of the office including a peep into Oprah Winfrey mint green office,walked past the legendary Gayle King’s office.I learnt a lot yet again from a powerful woman how important it is to ask!

My memorable visit to Avon,the company for women!

Undoubtedly the most amazing time of my life!

FAQ:How do i get nominated on this programme.

Membership of a women’s platform where you are active,such as Associations centered round development of women but recognized by the U.S state department such as WIMBIZ,GOLDMAN SACHS 10000WOMEN.
You must have a background where you are giving back to your community,for example as an activist,working in the civil society,an entrepreneur.In whatever capacity you will require to do so.

A profile that is known in your community,as you will be nominated only by the network of people that the U.S embassy are exposed to.The question this network is asked is,do you know any woman who fits this profile and you believe will benefit from this program.They select from a large number of other nominees using multiple criteria’s to determine who comes on the programme.