Thursday, May 23, 2013

Inspiration Thursday: Failing Forward

One of the realities of life that we all have to contend with is Failure.
In my opinion though, being unsuccessful at a venture does not mean you are a failure at it.
Failure in itself is a function of one's perception. For instance, if you gained valuable experience from an encounter, business or relationship, how can you really say that you failed at it?

Here are three tips to help you cope when you feel you have failed at what you do, whatever that may be.

1. Remember the experience gained is worth the while

You can choose to sit back and beat yourself up or you can decide to be bigger and stronger and better. Don't feel too bad when something you worked on didn't turn out exactly the way you wanted.
Focus on what can be learned. Take that knowledge and do something great with it.

2. Be Tenacious

Do not let life beat you down. Keep coming back, keep on keeping on. Cultivate persistence. Remember, success happens as a reward for hard work, determination and persistence.

3. Have The Success Attitude.

A lot of failures are caused by our own fear, attitude and disposition at the beginning. Step out in faith not in fear. Faith is what connects to the higher source that can help you make your dreams come true.When you do fail at something, use the failure as a motivation to do better. The difference between a winner and a quitter is in their attitude.

Failure could really be your springboard. Choose to work your way out of the mental attitude that keeps  you from achieving greater success because you failed earlier.

Remember to pray, and pray to remember.


  1. Thnx aunty Tara, you made my day

  2. Thanks, will keep pushing up the positive attitude, nothing is impossible!


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