Thursday, July 15, 2010


It was a fantastic day last week Wednesday, when I was privileged to be on one of Nigeria's hihgly acclaimed inspiring TV program. It is a talk show with a difference that is positively driven to show the world that Nigeria (and Africa) is not a dark continent but one that is vast and rich with diverse but unique cultures and talent.

I was a guest on the MADE IN AFRICA segment.

It  showcases the unique minds of the African continent who have against the odds, established businesses in Africa, for the World.
The spotlight was on our fruity fragrance: BE INSPIRED

Catch the next episode of Moments with Mo on Sunday on  African  Magic by 7pm and other local stations.


  1. lovely. you will always go up and never down, amen.....

  2. Hi Tara

    Not sure if you will get to read this. But I want you to know that you are inspiring many women around the world. As a 2nd generation Nigerian, young women based in the Uk, it is very rare to here news about women like yourself who are making a difference to the beloved Nigeria.

    Your whole life is a great example as a wife and mother. This is what more young Nigerian women to read about. I recently featured you on my blog Though it may not be read by the rich and the famous. I know a young lady who has a a dream or an idea will read it and be inspired.

    Continue to share your story, the everyday man needs to hear of it.

    Lots of love

    Ms Biosu

  3. 看了你的日誌 覺得今天好充實 晚安瞜.................................[/url]...............


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