Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Did you know that for your Mascara to last longer, it begins with you?

People keep saying that their Mascaras have dried up long before they have had time to enjoy it. Well, here is a way that work:

Avoid pumping air into the Mascara tube. Every time we try taking more Mascara on the applicator, we forcefully push in the applicator (or wand) back in the tube and this sends in air that gets trapped in the tube and this trapped air dries up our mascaras faster.

The ideal way to get ore Mascara on the wand is to twist the wand into the tube. this way, less air is trapped in.

Voila! Now you know.

Enjoy your Mascaras a little longer.


  1. i will get one. right now i use your eye color and i like it. keep up the good work.


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