Friday, March 4, 2011


As a brand, Tara range has been consistent with promoting all that is Nigerian; from the names of the products to its empowerment of young Nigerian women. To commemorate the 50th year  of Nigeria’s independence and reinforce its brand’s promise of promoting ethnicity; it presents – ‘The Jubilee Collection’.

Through out the year the brand will engage successful Nigerian women from different works of life and industries as spokepeople for the brand. Using the product line as a platform; it chooses to celebrate successful Nigerian women who strike a chord with the brand by who they are, what they stand for and what their personal brand represents.

This particular  collection is in celebration of renowned, multi-talented female photographer/ musician; T.Y Bello. Working closely with her over the years, we have been privy to her preferences in shades and hues. This collection is a reflection of some of her favourite colours. The launch will tie into the release of her new single, ‘The Future’. The message of the song is a reflection of what the brand is and it also reiterates their belief that great things and people can emanate from Nigeria. 

Tara Fela durotoye the creative director says it only seemed perfect to collaborate with her on this National project.The ‘Future’ is  a Nigerian song, it's a National song, it's a call to all that is positive about us.

This Limited Edition version will be available in stores from March 15 to May 15, the collection consists of three (3) striking products that T.Y Bello cannot do without: a fibre fuse mascara which adheres smoothly to the lashes within a fibre rich film; the nude lipstick which gives an easy to go girly look any day any time and the blush cum bronzer which is a perfect blend of lightweight pigments that enhances the cheekbones and creates a glow in a most natural way. This collection is simply designed to give you that effortlessly gorgeous look, yet appearing so natural.

It is presented in a picture-embossed box with the T.Y Bello single inclusive while stocks last.

Check out the song on

Look out for more collaborations with other women who reflect ‘the future’ that we desire.


  1. This is such a excellent idea Tara. Great branding and packaging. I need to fly over and purchase my own.

    I pray this line does really well.

  2. i really love this idea. very nice... i really love ty bello i have always loved her hair and her make up is very nice and she is so au natural....
    i also wish and pray that your line will continue to grow and grow into something bigger than you can imagine.

  3. I love the look- au naturel, beautiful would definitely buy it!

  4. This collaboration with women who follow the same ideals as you is a wonderful idea. Keep up the good work Tara. Proudly Nigerian! :D


  5. Love the natural look, hope that you will have a collection of your favorite colors. I am dark-skinned like you, it will definitely guide me in my color choice.


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