Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quote from FD's Maximizing your Profits

September 11, 2010- The day when your Nigerian Heroes were equipped with the vital tool to change the Future of our Great Nation- Nigeria.

Words were sown as seeds from Fela Durotoye, a man with the vision to groom
the Generation Empowered, Motivated and Starred to operate with National Excellence:
Here are some Nuggets for you.

- Don't sell Products; sell what every woman will consider important (Beauty)
- Profit=Sales- Cost of Sale (Be Cost-Concious)
- Sell an Experience; The Experience is the Memory that is taken away from the Encounter
- Increase your maintenance and reduce your replacement

If you jump up you must come down.
If you climb up you can come down.
If You Grow Up You Stay Up.

Words are seeds sown. Let them germinate on fertile ground.
Don't ignore knowledge.

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