Monday, November 9, 2009


oh what a week! so many activities in the recent past with so little time to put it down for you all...

where do I begin? so much to tell you about and so little time. but I have to start from somewhere.

okay,i don't know if i remembered to tell, i did! i was at 'unmask' on the 21st of September at the Fountain of truth Assembly,Eric Moore, where I was privileged to speak along side other anointed ministers like E-Ben.Here, more light was shed upon discovering your true potential; stop hiding under the veil of social dictates and forget to manifest your God-given talent. this,event is one I hold there as I was privileged to have as my escort for the day, a charming young Man who is set to dazzle the World,positively that is!

I was also at Ibadan in October for a live audience in Ibadan, tagged 'Dreams come true',put together by Jazzy-B.I met with young individuals who would take the Nation to victory if given the right sort of motivation. they were also encouraged instantly by the Commissioner for youth and sports(oyo).Tunde Kelani popularly referred to as TK,was also in attendance to motivate the Youth. Dr. Marinho, thanks a bunch for the books.

I was delighted and most honoured to be invited to be in the culturally rich state of Akwa-Ibom, for the Etiquette and security seminar for Governor's wives and wives of Government Officials. I had a ball at Akwa-Ibom. I used to think that Lagos And Abuja were so touche and all but uyo changed all that very quickly. Thank you her Excellency,the First Lady for Having me,Thank you Roselyn Acko for a Job well done!

this past week was one that so many people will not forget in a hurry. The WIMBIZ annual conference held and it was a huge success.

Wedding bells again people, first members of staff(Toun and Ndeya) but the Bride of interest this week is our one and only Yejide.Last Saturday, was the solemnization of conjugal bliss for Yejide. Remember the beautiful Bride? I wish you all the blessings that life has to offer.

I have been doing an L&D(learning and development) course with The British council for two weeks now where I share my story in Business with members of the BC.October 24 was for Abuja and 7th of November was for Lagos. i will be in Kano on the 14th of this month and Port-Harcourt on the 21st of, see you there.

About House of Tara, our new 12 in 1 HIP(high intensity pigment) shadows are now out with refreshingly new colours. Visit any of our offices for yours or call 08022922922 for delivery. There will also be free consultation sessions with me on the 11th and 12th of this month for between 9am-2pm. catch you there!

one last thing before i run,listen to classic FM, 97.3 daily to answer the quiz and get freebies from House of Tara. Don't say I didn't tell you!

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