Thursday, September 10, 2009

R.I.S.E...Dare to be Different!!!

It happened in Lagos, in Benin and then again in Ibadan. RISE Networks is set to take Nigeria by Storm.

Last Saturday, i had a Whoa time at RISE-DARE to be different event which held in Odua City Hall, Ibadan. It was fun all the way, with all the music, dance ,comedy ...

I was honored to be amongst the speakers alongside a Man people call "Daddy". Yeah, our very own movie mogul, Mike Bamiloye, My Friend and wedding planner, Funke Bucknor and of course the ever-active 'angry' youth and brain behind RISE- Toyosi Akerele.

I'm So Sorry you had to miss this event. Don't worry, I will keep you informed about other events, but for you dears, here are some points to ponder on:

- There is Seed and there is Bread(Don't eat up all your profit and expect to make more in the future;learn to save)

- Instead of looking at yourself through the way others see you, see yourself the way God sees you.

- We are a blessed generation, Discover your potential and maximize it.

-We sit down and blame the Government or someone else for every misadventure in our lives. We should take time to find out what we in turn are doing or have done to avert these problems.

Toyosi, Big up Girl!You make me proud.To see thousands of youths in one arena that its not sports or another music Show... that's massive. I pray for God's grace upon your life that this vision does not die.

To the motivated youths, keep the fire burning positively; let's rise to the challenges life has dealt us and I tell you we will overcome because we can't fail and we won't fail.

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  1. Halo. I was there at the event. I was so excited we have folks like Toyosi in this country. We're blessed in this country and there's hope. I enjoyed your part when you talked about the difference between entrepreneurs and people with managerial skills. From studying, I discovered many people in Lagos have opportunities to hear this things. I'd really like to appeal to you to get this message across to folks in Ibadan and Akure where my home is at. Please If u're invited try to come. You're an inspiration to us. thanx


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