Thursday, June 4, 2009

How To Keep That Face Looking Good

Hi to all the Fashionistas out there! I know you are wondering how your face can retain its youthfulness and beauty every day.

It’s quite funny, the kind of blunders women make in trying to look beautiful. This, I believe would go a long way in correcting these errors.

Looking good they say, is good business. So here are some useful tips on how your face can remain youthful:

· Don’t apply fresh make on a stale one: oftentimes, ladies see it as time-taking, cleaning off the make-up they applied in the morning, and starting the whole process all over. The truth is so many layers of make-up cakes up the face and all your effort all day would have been wasted. The best bet is to clean the whole thing off and re-do it again. You could also do touch-up depending on how messy the make-up has become.

· Don’t use black pencils on your lips or Eyebrow: the natural colour or shade of the eyebrow and lip line is either dark brown or brown, depending on your skin colour or complexion. The black colour is too strong against the brown skin. If you are not as dark as Alek Wek or Baba Suwe, ‘don’t bother!’

· Don’t use powder puffs: this is what is commonly known as FOAM. The use of powder puff could probably cause break-out (pimples that is) as the powder could clog the face pores. So use a powder brush instead. Besides the foam holds bacteria; a powder brush can easily be washed unlike a puff.

· Use facial scrub: ensure that you use facial scrub. This helps to remove dead skin layers and open up the skin pores. The usage of the scrub varies (depending on your skin type). You could use a scrub once a week for dry skin types, three times for combination skin types and five times for oily skin types.

· Wash your face every night before going to bed. This would get rid of all the make- up and oil on your face; while asleep, the skin needs to be refreshed and the natural oils can give back to the skin while you are asleep.

Always remember- looking good is good business, so stay beautiful and be beautiful.


  1. Hi Tara,
    I use your eyeshadows and love it absolutely! Keep up the good work
    what would you recommend as a good alternative to soap for washing the face for a combination type skin?


  2. yeah good that u started this, nice

  3. I am glad u r doing this....God keep u inspired always...amen.
    thank u thank u thank uuuu

  4. This is really nice...thanks for the tips,Tara.

  5. hi elsie,
    i'm glad to know that you are enjoying our range. u keep it up.
    To answer your question,you could start by using cleansers. it is the first step in starting a skin care regimen. you could try out these products:
    Mary kay formula 2 deep cleanser and neutrogena oil free wash.

  6. thnx kike, debbie, jayjazzy and bookaholic for your comments. its nice to know that our work at House of Tara is appreciated.

  7. Hi Tara, I love every article you have posted here and i think you have a wonderful perspective quite alot of issues. I have some makeup related problems,
    where in uk can i get to buy your range of products and how much do they cost?
    I have puffy eye lids so it makes my makeup look over to top cause it looks exaggerated especially when the lights hit them, what colour of eye shadow do you think will camouflage this.
    Am not that into foundation cause they make my face look overtly white, maybe am not getting the right tone correctly, do you have any advice for me?



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